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 Chakra Dowsing

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PostSubject: Chakra Dowsing   Chakra Dowsing EmptyTue 06 Jul 2010, 8:34 pm

In magic it is often the case that techniques which appear simple, even childish on the surface, can have
unexpectedly deep and effective results. This is because in magic we work through our Higher Self, and our
Higher Self is very responsive to symbolic In this Spell we will be discussing just such a simple but effective
technique for cleansing the Chakras by means of a Pendulum and water. The pendulum is used to monitor
the state of the Chakra, while the water is used to convey negativity away from it.

For this technique we will need:

* A large bowl or pitcher, filled with water
* A large bowl or pitcher to receive water after it has been used
* A cup
* A pendulum
* A partner to work with, who will act as the subject

As you will see, this is not a technique which you can do for yourself, but rather a type of healing we would
do for another person. Therefore you will need a partner for this. This sort of Chakra cleansing is always
good, and we need not be especially blocked to benefit by it. As you will recall from your First degree
studies, Chakras naturally build up blockages all the time, as the result of various stimuli, and consequently
need regular cleansing. I would recommend using this technique every few months, if not more often. You
might think that more we advance in metaphysics the less often we would have to cleanse our Chakras.
Not so. In fact, the more we advance, the more sensitive we become to energetic blockages. This may give
the impression that we actually have to cleanse our Chakras more often as we become more magically
proficient - though in fact it is simply a matter of being more aware of the importance of energetic
cleansing. In working with this technique you and your partner should each take a turn being the subject of
healing, not only so that you each have the experience of doing the cleansing, but so that you each have
the benefit of being cleansed.

You will wish to select a pendulum. There are excellent commercially
produced pendulums created especially for this purpose, but you can also use any object that can be swung
on the end of a chain or string as a pendulum -it is very common to use a favorite pendant or ring for this
purpose. A pendulum need not be fancy or expensive to work just fine. The theory of the pendulum of
course is that you keep your hand still, and the pendulum is moved by Spirit to answer your query. Many
people work very hard to keep their hand perfectly still, and in so doing shut down the process by putting
their concentration in the wrong place. Do try to keep your hand still of course, but don’t be tense and
nervous about it. Let your hand be in a natural, relaxed state -not rigid, just still. As you work with the
pendulum you will see that its movement is not dictated by the hand, and perfect immobility is not
required. In ordinary practice a pendulum is used to answer basic questions -normally "yes" or "no"
questions- by the direction in which it swings. A pendulum may swing back and forth, side to side, or in a
circular motion. Before working with a pendulum to answer questions we must first determine which type of
swing indicates a positive or negative answer to our particular pendulum. Many people prefer to do this by
asking the Pendulum questions to which they already know the answer in order to determine which kind of
swing means "yes" and which means "no." However we can also program our pendulum to answer in a
specific way, say back and forth for "yes", side to side for "no" and circular for "maybe" or "no answer at
this time." To program the pendulum you would hold it in your hands and tell it what you want it to do with
a clear Intent. You might also focus white light into the pendulum as you program it, which will strengthen
the effect. For the purposes of Chakra cleansing however, we will program our pendulum a bit differently.
Hold the pendulum in your hands and charge it to tell you the state of the Chakras it will be exposed to: a
clockwise motion will indicate a Chakra which is unblocked, a counter-clockwise motion will indicate the
presence of a blockage in the Chakra.

In addition to the pendulum you will need two large bowls or pitchers, one full of water, one empty. Tap
water is fine for this. You will also need a cup. It does not matter what these items are made of -glass is
very nice and may give a more magical mood, but plastic works just as well. Now, have your partner lie
down in a comfortable position on the floor, a sofa, or bed. Hold your pendulum in one hand -as a rule
whichever hand you write with- and the cup in the other. Have the full bowl and the empty bowl both close
to hand.

Begin with the Root Chakra. Hold the pendulum directly above the lower pelvic region, concentrating on the
Root Chakra. Observe the swing of the pendulum: does it go clockwise or counter-clockwise? If the
pendulum swings clockwise it means that the Chakra is fine, and you can go on to the next Chakra. If the
pendulum swings counter-clockwise it means that the Chakra is blocked. In this case you must cleanse it.
Take your cup and dip it into the bowl of water -fill the cup. Now place your finger tips into the water in the
cup, and continue to dowse with the pendulum. Keep your fingertips in the water until the pendulum stops
swinging counter-clockwise and begins swinging clockwise. When the pendulum begins going clockwise,
and assumes a good strong swing in this direction, then you are done and should empty the used water
into the empty bowl. Be careful not to confuse the two bowls as the used water now has a negative charge.
Sometimes you may need to use two or more cups of water before the pendulum will start going clockwise -
this is fine, it just means that the Chakra is very blocked. In this case just dump the used water into the
used water bowl, take up more clean water and continue. Move upwards through the seven major Chakras
one at a time. As you dowse each Chakra the pendulum will either go clockwise, in which case you go on to
the next Chakra, or it will go counter-clockwise in which case you fill your cup and cleanse the Chakra as
we have just described. Sometimes if the pendulum moves clockwise but in a slow or very narrow circle an
incipient blockage is indicated. In this case treat the Chakra as if it were already blocked: fill your cup of
water, place your finger tips in it, and continue until the pendulum swings freely in a wide clockwise circle.
Continue this through all seven major Chakras. The subject will feel the energy while you are dowsing their
Chakras to a greater or lesser extent depending upon their degree of psychic openness. Some subjects will
feel the energy very strongly, some not so strongly, and some may not know how to recognize it -but the
degree to which the subject feels the process does not indicate the strength of the cleansing but rather
their own sensitivity to energy. This can be very interesting, because often what the subject feels may be in
a different part of their body from the Chakra you are dowsing at that moment -but this is because the
Chakras connect to all parts of the body. Sometimes too the subject may have images come to them which
deal with the nature of the blockages, often through symbols -however this is not necessary for the
cleansing to be effective. When you have cleansed all seven major Chakras, take a break. Both you and
your partner should clear and release. Dispose of the used water -I recommend flushing it. The negative
charge will dissipate fairly quickly, but you may wish to imagine the used water filled with violet light to
transmute the negative charge immediately.

Then you and your partner should change places so that you can be the subject, and get a feel for both sides of the practice. Like everything else, the more you use this technique the better you will get at it. Don’t expect your first
attempt to be perfect, but be prepared to practice. You will find your practice well rewarded.
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Chakra Dowsing
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