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 Repurpose Your Old Bath Puff

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Absinthe Angel
Absinthe Angel

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Repurpose Your Old Bath Puff Empty
PostSubject: Repurpose Your Old Bath Puff   Repurpose Your Old Bath Puff EmptyFri 16 Jul 2010, 11:48 am

Here is a great tutorial that give two examples of how you can take your old worn or unraveling nylon bath puff and give it a new life and a new purpose.

In this tut, she uses knitting asher medium. However, I don't kint. I do know how to crochet. And I see no reason why one could not do the same thing using crochet as your medium. So I may give this a try. I'm going to have to scam a puff from my daughter first though since I don't use them Wink

Let us know if you try this. And be sure to post pics!

Blessed Be,
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Repurpose Your Old Bath Puff
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