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 How To Make a Brighid's Bed

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How To Make a Brighid's Bed Empty
PostSubject: How To Make a Brighid's Bed   How To Make a Brighid's Bed EmptyThu 08 Jul 2010, 7:55 pm

One of the things many people find most appealing about Wicca and Paganism is that the deities are not distant entities who never interact those who honor them. Instead, they drop in on us regularly, and Brighid is no exception. To show hospitality to her on Imbolc, her day of honor, you can make a bed for Brighid to lie in. Place it in a position of comfort, as you would for any visitor. Near your hearthfire is a good spot -- if you don't have a fire burning, in the kitchen near the stove is equally welcoming.

Here's How:


The Brighid's bed is simple to make -- you'll need a small box, or basket. If you want to keep things basic, just line it with a towel or a folded blanket (receiving blankets are perfect for this). If you want to put a little more effort in, stitch up a "mattress" by sewing two rectangles of fabric together, and stuffing them with down or fiberfill. Place this in the basket, and make a pillow in the same manner. Finally, place a warm blanket over the top, and put the bed near your hearth fire.

If you've made a Brighid doll, even better! Place her in the bed before you go to sleep at night. If you don't have a Brighid doll and don't wish to make one, you can use a broom or besom to represent Brighid instead. After all, the broom is an old symbol of female power and the fertility that Brighid represents.

If you want to bring fertility and abundance into your home this year, make sure Brighid doesn't get lonely in her bed. Place a Priapic wand in there with her to represent the god of your tradition. Remember -- fertility doesn't just mean sexuality. It also applies for financial gain and other abundance.

Once Brighid is in her bed, you can gather around the hearth fire with your family, and welcome your guest with the traditional greeting, spoken three times:

Brighid is come, Brighid is welcome!

Leave candles burning beside Brighid throughout the night - place them in a dish of sand or dirt for safety considerations. If you need inspiration in a matter, or wish to work some divinatory magic, stay up throughout the night and meditate, asking Brighid for guidance.


1. If you're trying to concieve a child, place the wand across Brighid in an X shape. This forms the rune "gifu", which means "gift". Another option is to place nuts and seeds in the Brighid's bed as well.

What You Need:

* A small box or basket
* Soft, warm blankets or cloth
* A Brighid doll, if you've made one

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How To Make a Brighid's Bed
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