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 Basic Aura Info

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When we talk about color in the aura we usually perceive the colors in the second layer of the aura, the emotional body. You may start to see the aura and possibly detect colors if you ask a friend to co-operate by standing in front of a plain wall. Relax and soft gaze at the area around the head and shoulders. You will probably start to notice a glow, maybe an inch or two deep around them. This is the first layer of the aura, the etheric. Continue to watch and after a little while you may get the impression of colors.

If you don’t, no worries, most people need quite a bit of patience and practice to see colour in the aura. You could try getting an aura photograph taken at a Mind, Body Spirit fair. Although many have questioned the authenticity of the images, they seem to correspond well with clairvoyant perception of people’s auras and I have been impressed with the results from well set up cameras.

So what do the colors mean? First be aware there are not colors that are wholly ‘good’ or wholly ‘bad’. Although our auras change as we evolve it doesn’t mean a violet, turquoise and pink aura is ‘better than’ a vibrant red and orange aura. Just different and reflecting the different emphasis in all our lives. The most balanced auras will display many bright colors.

As a general guide though vibrant, clear colors are healthy and muddy, murky, dull colors are not.

Basic Aura Colors

A vibrant red is usually seen around children before the age of puberty. It reflects their boundless energy and enthusiasm for life. People who are very active or sporty often have a vibrant red aura. Darker reds are a sign of anger and can show in someone who is bad tempered or violent.

A glowing orange is a sign of vitality and optimism. This would be someone with a real spring in their step & zest for life.

Sunny yellow shows someone with lots of ideas. Again it is a sign of optimism and cheerfulness.

A fresh leafy green shows up in someone who loves to be in the great outdoors & close to nature. Gardeners often have green in their aura. It can also denote healing ability. Khaki green though isn’t healthy, someone can be literally ‘green with envy’.

Blue in the aura shows a creative and imaginative side to a person. It also occurs in the aura of someone who is very intuitive.

A spiritual person. Also indicates psychic potential. Deep purple shades can indicate pride.

A very spiritual color. Someone who is working with healing energy. Dirty greyish white can indicate areas of illness.

Someone compassionate and loving. Someone who likes to see the best in people, viewing the world through “rose colored spectacles”. Often seen in the aura of pregnant women.

A gentle but firm person who gives off a feeling of peace. Someone who has a positive sense of self and is willing to help others.

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Basic Aura Info
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